Body Piercing
ND Tattoo Studio has been a leader in piercing applications for body art. With some of the most highly trained body piercing artists you can be confident you'll be receiving the best quality service. Our staff handles your piercing with the utmost care and precision , from start to finish. We use the latest tools and state-of-the-art hygiene procedures to provide you with the best piercings in Indore. We're skilled in providing clean and friendly piercings with clean gentle hands , making your comfort and experience while at ND Tattoo Studio a priority.

All of our body piercings are performed in a private, sterile environment with implant-grade internally-threaded titanium jewelry, as opposed to non-implant grade "surgical steel". Our selection of jewelry and high standards for safety allow us to complete almost any piercing you can imagine. Our body piercer is constantly reading and communicating with experts in the field of body piercings to ensure he stays up-to-date in procedure techniques, sterile techniques, and improvements in body jewelry. We want to ensure that every piercing has the best chance of healing with the least amount of problems.

Our list of piercings that we offer is always growing , so make sure to contact us with any inquiries on new trend piercings. We currently offer Tongue Piercings , Ear Piercings , Lip Piercings , Eyebrow Piercings , Navel Piercing.
Body Piercing Facts :

" Things to be careful of during the healing period "
  • Always wear clean clothing and change bed sheets during healing.
  • If you have an ear piercing , clean your telephone with some rubbing alcohol.
  • Clean your hands before touching or cleaning the piercing during the healing process , and don't let others' hands touch the piercing at all during healing.
  • Check any threaded jewelry (such as barbells) twice a day to make sure the ends are tight , otherwise you may find yourself trying to digest your tongue bar.
  • Avoid contact with other people's body fluids (saliva , sweat etc.). Even your own sweat may irritate the piercing. Be sure to rinse the area after all exercise to remove all sweat.

To learn more about our piercing stop in today to discuss your next piercing.