Scar Over CoverUps
Without any doubt , life leaves scars. If you're tired of seeing yours or being identified by them when others see you, ND Tattoo Studio can help with tattooed scar cover-ups that will hide what you don't want seen while giving you a piece of art worth showing off.

Here are some common reasons people seek scar tattoo coverups :
  • Scarred tissue left over from accidental injury
  • Scars left over from any kind of cuts
  • Scars left from major surgery
  • Cesarean section scars
We're sure you've got your own reasons for wanting to camouflage your scars. Whatever those reasons are, we can help you choose what tattoos will work best to reach your goal.

Things to remember before a Scar Over CoverUp Tattoo :

Healing : The most important thing to consider when deciding if you're ready for a scar coverup is that your tissue must have a chance to heal completely before undergoing a tattoo. If you're in a hurry to cover up a new scar, you'll be well served to invest the time finding the right design and artist until your skin is ready. Messing with already messed up skin is bad news - heal up first.

Color : The next thing you need to know about getting scar tattoo cover-ups is that scarred tissue holds ink differently than healthy tissue. Be ready to handle that with an open mind when speaking with your tattoo artist about colors. Some colors will work better than others depending on your unique scar and one of our highly skilled tattoo artists will lead you straight about what colors will give you the best results.

Design : The design of your scar cover-up will make the biggest impact on your ability to camouflage your scarred tissue. ND Tattoo Studio's experienced tattoo artists are as skilled as they are creative and will give you great advice on how to incorporate the size and structure of your scars into a design that will get the job done and still be a work of art you'll want people to see without seeing the scar. Scars are permanent but they way you wear them can definitely be changed. You can take control of what you're stuck with and own it creatively, turning it into an image you want seen instead of a scar you'd rather hide. ND Tattoo Studios team of tattoo artists can help you to get over it! Schedule an appointment today to talk about scar tattoo cover-ups with the best in the business.